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Kaitlin R October 2014

I recently had a service request completed in order to fix my washing machine. A&R Appliance is the company who was sent out to make the repair. I just wanted to thank you for hiring such a reputable company who provided amazing customer service. They ended up having to order parts and come to my house multiple times but it was a very pleasant experience. They were very friendly, worked around my rather complicated work schedule, were always on time, always called prior to arriving at my house and most importantly, they did great work. My experience with American Home Shield was fabulous as well. I previously had a home warranty for about 5 years through First American and they were absolutely horrid. Every claim I had with them was a battle and nightmare in order to get the item fixed. Their awful customer service is what resulted in me switching to AHS. I just wanted to thank you for making the process so easy and painless. Thank you for hiring a great company to fix my washer and for making the entire process so easy and fast.