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Jacque Warren March 2014

Vitaliy was fast and had the repair work done with an excellent work ethic. He was very knowledgeable about the dishwasher and gave a recap on what to do so we wont have this problem in the future.

Linda November 2013

Very knowledgeable in the dishwasher. I’ve learned a lot in regards to my dishwasher. Thank you!

Eduardo November 2013

He came on time, achieved the desired result. Fast & efficient. Great job.

Andrew November 2013

Victor did an excellent job! He was professional, courteous, and efficient.

Mark Toohey October 2013

Tim provided great service. He fixed my dryer in 15 minutes and offered great preventative maintenance suggestions. Great job!

Mark F. October 2013

Showed up on time, was pleasant & fixed problem.

David October 2013

Tech was good. Company needs to communicate better.